A Few Words

Life, for the fortunate, is a continual journey of discovery, finding oneself on a “stairway of surprise” as Emerson puts it, submitting to unfathomablility, and to the unknown.

Here is a paradox, and something the artist knows well: submission is not a passive thing. He or she does not wait for insight or for inspiration, but by painting, writing, lifting a camera to the eye, invites it. It comes or it doesn’t, but will be known, if at all, by a sense of wonder — “where did this come from?”


I will add images on a regular basis, some to existing galleries, some to new galleries.

Vault This gallery contains early images I made, experimenting with watercolor. To this gallery I will add some of the very first images I made, which are, you might say, details from the gorgeous paintings of Susi Wahlrab. More about this later.

Through Another Window This one could have been called “landscapes”, “innerscapes”, “seascapes” or just “scapes”.

Strangely Living  A gallery for images of creatures of one sort or another.

A Cabinet of Curiosities This (not yet up) will be a repository for . . . some of the more curious work I have created.

First Look  The fourth gallery I have set up contains some of the first images I created. My wife and I are fortunate to have a few watercolor paintings by Susi Wahlrab, who lives not far from us. She creates glittering landscapes by layering and juxtaposing a myriad of colors and shapes in ways that seem to bring out the energy and inner life of her subjects. The images here are essentially macro photographs, details of her work. I have altered them to some extent, but I think they stand alone as beautiful glimpses of her process and vision. I am grateful that she has allowed me to explore her work in this way. Have a look at her website to see examples of her paintings.